Some things that don't have much to do with music

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm sick with some kind of bug. Low fever and cold symptoms. Add to that, last Tuesday I slipped on the ice going to get the newspaper and landed with the side of my back hitting the edge of the concrete steps, badly bruising my ribs. So when I cough, it feels like someone is pounding into my side. In short, I feel like crap. My wife is working and the kids are out with my neighbor and her daughter. So, it's a perfect time to catch up on my blogging, as I don't feel like doing much else.

First, my pick for the Super Bowl. Giants over the Patriots, 23-21. Now, understand, I know very little about handicapping football. I like watching the games, but I'm not a fan, like I am of baseball and the New York Mets (more on them later). But the Giants are from New York (okay, New Jersey, but close enough), and I have an irrational dislike of the Patriots. I generally root for the underdog, thus my prediction.

It's been a very big week for the Mets. They finally landed Johan Santana, one of baseballs best pitchers. After the ignoble and depressing finish to last season, the Mets' faithful needed good news in the off-season. Interestingly, the Mets have gone from the expert's pick for third place in the Eastern Division to the pick to seriously challenge the American League powerhouses in the World Series. I think this is hogwash. But, it's nice heading into the new season with a great deal of optimism.

While we're on sports, how about Tiger Woods? The man is over the top great. He seems to always find a way to win. I said before that I generally root for the underdog. One exception is golf. I always root for Tiger.

On Tuesday, Our friend Marilynn took me and the kids to an open rehearsal of American Ballet Theater's production of Sleeping Beauty at the Kennedy Center. It was beautiful. Gorgeous costumes and sets and wonderful dancing. Unfortunately, in act three, the dancers were almost entirely marking. Not much happens in the third act - the prince has already kissed Princess Aurora - it's mostly just set dances. My son, who was on my lap, leaned over about halfway through, and said, "Dad, this is kinda boring." He was right. Not much excitement in watching the bluebird walk back in forth on the stage and throw up his hands. Next time, we should probably go to a performance.

Two nights later, more dancing. I went to see Movin' Out in York, PA. This is the latest incarnation of the show - the non-Equity production, produced by Troika Entertainment. Twyla Tharp directed it herself, and I, with the invaluable and expert help of David Rosenthal, put the band together. I went a few weeks back to see it in Reading, at a beautiful but accoustically challenged theater. It was a bit discouraging, as the sound was very muffled. In York, I thought it sounded great. It also gave me a chance to see both of the tour's piano men - Matthew Friedman (who I saw in Reading), who's performance was very familiar, as he did the first national tour as well; and Kyle Martin, who I hadn't seen do it since we opened in Atlantic City last summer. At the time he was a bit green, and just getting used to the in-ear monitering system. Lots of potential, but not quite there yet. On Thurday, I thought he was terrific. Totally comfortable, energetic, charismatic - everything we hoped for when we hired him. And the band sounded great. As for the dancing, I was very impressed. They cast is doing a wonderful job of keeping the energy up. The story telling is clear, and the dancing impressive. I'm really proud of this show.

That's it for now. I'm ready for more Advil.

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